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((I guess I should have done this a while ago, but Kyo is officially on hiatus until further notice.

This last year has not been kind, and I guess I should have figured that in before picking up new dudes. Hope to catch you guys later.))

general ?

Q: guess what day it almost is

((webstunner-mun, this is me, being sheepish and incredibly busy

are you still kicking around/up for shenanigans?))
i fuckin hate christmas

but i think i wanna buy whoever invented online shopping a beer + a steak
shit, almost november already? this year's gone by quick, man

what've you chumps been up to?
So I'm an idiot, but here's the first part of that huge-ass year-long meme thing.


Back hurrrrCollapse )


they're just photos, after all

To be quite honest, Kyo doesn't know why he didn't just throw it out as soon as it arrived.

But then again, Yuki always had that kind of power over him.Collapse )
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See orochi_killa's results.Collapse )
In which Kyo-mun discovers she'd rather dick around with her spare time than do anything constructiveCollapse )

I think Mayday and Eiko are my favorites, but Kaa is cute too. I'll hopefully have some real art that pertains to this account up soon. Ish. Maybe.

Also, internet at home! Woot woot. :D

stolen from mayday

"What are you afraid to say, unless it's anonymous? Say it here. It could be something you're afraid to say to me, to an employer, to a friend or loved one. Perhaps it is something you're afraid to say about your world or the nexus. Perhaps it is a secret you've been keeping. Say it here."

come on guys, spill it

((IP logging is gone-zo, have fun :D))


i'm bored, man..... haven't been able to box for a month or so. lol anyone want to go a few rounds? i'll be here for about 2 h


((Kyo, whom I assume is going through some form of mild violence-withdrawal after his injury, is open for sparring! He's left PINpoint co-ordinates for his training house at the bottom of his message, anyone and everyone is welcome.

Just a warning though -- the mun still has no internet at home, and is doing the funky immigration paperwork shuffle right now. I'll try to get to any responders a few times a day, but there are no guarantees. I'll get to it as often as possible. :3

EDIT: Sorry for the lag, guys, I'll be back when I can.

...and we're back on the air, after... a month. Tags should be daily, but you know how it goes...))